Sino Americas, LLC

Sino Americas, LLC was founded by both an American and Chinese team with the vision of broadening trade between China and the Americas.

Our goal is to increase the export of Chinese goods into South America by providing forward bases to serve the logistic, financial and marketing needs of Chinese Companies.

The members of the Sino Americas team have an excess of 30 years of involvement in China business both in Chinese domestic companies and foreign joint ventures.  Our team has extensive involvement with both Chinese government companies and privately owned Chinese and foreign companies including financial institutions, insurance companies, trade organizations, manufacturers, import and export companies, and service companies.

Over the past 6 years we have been actively involved in cross-promoting commerce with particular emphasis on trade China and Latin America. Whether the business is a start-up or has a long track record, the Sino Americas team can assist to increase market penetration in foreign destinations.

Our team has having worked with 92 investment funds and financial institutions both directed towards the Chinese market as well as potential Chinese acquisitions and investments outside of China.  Our team has consulted and assisted smaller companies to develop into world size groups.

The Sino Americas team maintains excellent relationships with both government and business leaders in many countries and these relationships are often called upon to assist in getting to the right people to assist our client’s needs.

For decades Sino Americas team members have been working with Chinese companies providing logistics consulting for Latin America, recently working with a large Japanese Motor Company and several key suppliers.  Our experience with demand, reorder points and inventory is important for Chinese companies seeking further penetration into Latin America.

We have the infrastructure and contacts to offer assistance to foreign companies that wish to enter the Chinese marketplace or that wish to use our company as a platform from which to encourage Chinese investors and industries to establish a hub for the traffic of merchandise to Latin America.  Our understanding and of strategic forward bases and platforms can overcome the Chinese entities experience in increasing Foreign market penetration.